God and Satan

The cross and the crescent

The Bible and Me

The Quran and Me

Alright, that is too much already

But, let’s say:

Between the righteous and Sinful

The local lords and the serfs

Pope Leo X and Martin Luther

Between the Jew and the Jentile

Between the Christians and Pagans

Between the Master and Slave

Between the Colonizer and the Colonized

Between Hilter and the Jews

Between the Jews and Palestines

Between capitalists and communists

Between the Whites and Blacks

Between the Oriental and Occidental

Between the Settler and the Native

Between the liberals and consevertives

Republicans and Democrats

Between the Perpetrator and the Victim

Between the Haves and Have-nots

Between life and death

“Between the World and Me”

Who holds the TRUTH?

Published by Gabriel Ndayishimiye

Gabriel Ndayishimiye lives in London, Ontario. He is a writer with a passion to contribute to Black history and literature; and the author of “Run Elvin” (forthcoming), a memoir written for youth from marginalized backgrounds. This book tells Gabriel’s academic/life experiences from refugee camps in East and Southern Africa and now from the metropolis of the western world. The story aims to inspire and motivate such demographic of youth to take up given opportunities to be creative, achieve success, and develop resilience to fight the challenges of life.

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