Mzee Angolais (Part 2): A Displaced Colonized Intellectual in Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Malawi

YannEck B Diesa: Angolais

Alain Bitijula: I can only imagine

Me: Indeed. But, why? Aren’t you in Dzaleka Refugee Camp as we speak?

Alain Bitijula: Yes, I was with him since 2005 in Mwanza.

Me: I see. Have you seen him since then? If I remember very well, Angolais was still in the camp when I left.The only thing I know is that his conditions had gotten worse.

Alain Bitijula: Not I heard that he’s in Lusaka, Zambia. But really, nobody knows, exactly, where he lives.

Me: Ooh, I see. I hope Angolais is well in Zambia.

Alain Bitijula: Yeah

Me: Then there was this guy who was more like Angolais. I can’t remember his name.He was very old and would walk with novels, cigarettes, encyclopedias, and shit.

Alain Bitijula: Who is that one?

Me: Maybe his name was George; I really can’t remember.

Alain Bitijula: His name is Robert his here in the camp.

Me: Yes, Robert.

Alain Bitijula: Robert!

Me: Is there a photo of him anywhere on the internet? Also, any way I can get connected to Robert? Please help.

Leonard Saidi: Legends in our Dzaleka history

Me: Leonard Saidi, Read the Book of Isiah (38): Tree of Life Vision.

Put Your House In Order.” “38 In those days, Hezekiah became mortally ill. So Isaiah, the prophet son of Amoz, came to him and said to him, “Thus says Adonai: Put your house in order. For you are dying and will not live.”

Outardeau Décisif: They know everything, man.

Me: Please explain

Outardeau Décisif: I know him as a person who says he knows everything: mathematics, physics, languages, and he started inventing an airplane in a cartoon. He said he Knows the fruit that Eve and Adam eat and many other things…

Me: Wow! hahaha!!! The fruit of Eve and Adam. I should have asked him to tell me what his favorite—equally, the least-liked fruit is. Hmm! Outardeau Décisif, that part alone…! Imagine yourself. Very interesting. Someone said Angolais studied Philosophy of Science and Technology. While I don’t believe he knew everything, the claim he is a scientist by training, I have no doubts. This guy was extraordinary. He lived in a different world—the reason why I am so much interested in his authentic portrait as a displaced colonized intellectual.

Outardeau Décisif: I hope many know him, but only a few knew his real name

Me: Me either! That’s for sure. I only knew everybody called him Angolais. Doesn’t this make him even more mysterious?

Outardeau Décisif: Kkkkkk! Some call him Angole because he claimed: he was from Angola, so this became his known name.

Me: Outardeau Décisif, see! Now THIS!

Lovanne Lovannete: Kkkkkk!

To Be Continued…

Published by Gabriel Ndayishimiye

Gabriel Ndayishimiye lives in London, Ontario. He is a writer with a passion to contribute to Black history and literature; and the author of “Run Elvin” (forthcoming), a memoir written for youth from marginalized backgrounds. This book tells Gabriel’s academic/life experiences from refugee camps in East and Southern Africa and now from the metropolis of the western world. The story aims to inspire and motivate such demographic of youth to take up given opportunities to be creative, achieve success, and develop resilience to fight the challenges of life.

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