When Life is a Work of Art: Inspired by Eminem’s “Like Toy Soldiers”

How do you protect your privacy, when your life is a work of art? Just keep normal. Do like everyone else is doing. Don’t be different—just don’t try even when you are. Just keep normal. It’s not that hard “Normal life” Is there anything as such? Figures. Symbols. Sculptures. Heroes around me tell many storiesContinue reading “When Life is a Work of Art: Inspired by Eminem’s “Like Toy Soldiers””


Keep themselves to themselves Scaredy-cats do not blink They sleep with eyes open Is this cowardice or strength? For scaredy-cats have been there They majored in Arts Specialized in deceit and deception They went on to grad-school and graduated with Master’s of Arts: Comparative Studies in Society and History and later pursued Ph.D. in PhilosophyContinue reading “Scaredy-Cats”

Crime of the ‘Been-To’s’

It’s not a crime to identify with the ‘been-to’s’ A class of the been-to’s It never was a crime to belong to such a club until they turned blind eye on us “What exactly is your point, here, Samson?” My point is: Basically, just that It was never a crime until them young boys andContinue reading “Crime of the ‘Been-To’s’”