life had been my strictest and smartest teacher

Even then, I had a few Malawian friends from the surrounding villages who admired life in the refugee camp. The poverty that surrounded their compounds led them to believe that we, their refugee friends in the camp, were better off because the monthly food donations that camp residents received from the UNHCR. Little did theyContinue reading “life had been my strictest and smartest teacher”

Your Father Would Be Proud of You

So here I am, even today, feeling as though I am watching my life from outside myself, the main actor in a bizarre movie that begins in Rwanda and, by some strange twist of fate, finds me in Canada as I leave this trail of words, ideas, and feelings for you to follow. It wasContinue reading “Your Father Would Be Proud of You”

Don’t Lose Your BALANCE

That said, my journey in Canada wasn’t exactly easy. I had to manage my time with unbending rigor to be able focus on studies, volunteer for causes close to my heart, and still earn money to support myself and my family back in the camp. While other students spent late nights out with friends orContinue reading “Don’t Lose Your BALANCE”

Canada Here I Come

In August 2016, I left the refugee camp. It’s still incredible for me to say that because it’s so surreal. Do you remember when I told you about that one evening in the bar at the camp – when my teacher caught me in there and scolded me for giving the   impression, I was throwingContinue reading “Canada Here I Come”

John Wycliffe (The aka Shakespeare)

I rushed home to tell my grandparents. Amidst the celebration, my grandmother reminded me to thank God for this incredible blessing and for answering the prayers we had stood together and made that fateful day in our kitchen. While writing this out, I can hear the echo of Mathew 21:42, ringing in my ears –Continue reading “John Wycliffe (The aka Shakespeare)”

getting to the promised land

My colleagues and I worked tirelessly to plead our case within a letter we hoped would move the hearts of the people who would determine whether or not I would get to see the promised land of Canada. Four letters were addressed to the WUSC head office in Ottawa; another went to the UNHCR MalawiContinue reading “getting to the promised land”

to the past and the far-off future

I am writing this book, looking all around me – to the past and the far-off future, influenced by my current circumstances, memories and yet unrealized plans for tomorrow. As I type this, I have no idea what kind of boy – or man – I am writing to. I don’t know who you, myContinue reading “to the past and the far-off future”


The school years I had so earnestly coveted came to an end. As soon as graduation was over, I realized I had been irrevocably torn from the place that had nurtured my mind and character for the past several years. No longer would I be permitted time to grow within the safe haven that transformedContinue reading “Changes”